COLD WAR PROJECT DUE !!! ( 5/2 /2012 ) 250ish Total Points. For each day project is late 50pts will be deducted! HAND IN ON TIME!!!—If you have Questions over the weekend E-mail me!**** or Tweet: @AHSKENNARD

What Is Due…

  • Your Completed webpage posted on
  • A Print out of your completed webpage
    • Completion of “wikihunt”/Peer commentation

The Class Website Is:

Plagiarism: Listen all ye members of this here classroom, this is your major research project for this class. It is much different from a traditional “paper” so please listen up. In order to “pass” Junior year (and thus graduate high school) you MUST complete this project. NOTE: This is a web based project. The temptation to “cut and paste” might be very high, however, as easy as it is for you to cut and paste, it is just as easy for me to cut and paste your work right back into Google and find exactly where it came from. Plagiarism of any kind will result in an automatic ZERO, no ifs ands or buts—you have been warned. If you plagiarize (and you want to try and pass the class/graduate) you will still have to re-do the project, but you will still get a ZERO. Please do not plagiarize; believe it or not it pains me when you do it. If you have questions on what plagiarism is, please look at the packet I gave you in August, or ask me—OKAY?

All right now the part you have all been waiting for…Your Task: Students will create a well researched, carefully written piece that details all of the particular aspects of the Cold War topic that they have chosen or that is assigned to them. Students will work independently to develop their page with research that reflects thorough investigation of the topic. Synthesis of the research will show a deep understanding of topic and be engaging and informative for the reader. Students will become the experts of their topics.

Each page will include the following elements:

Check List:

  • Detailed analysis of the topic (expected to be at least 1200+ words in length)

  • Inclusion of all relevant details necessary to support the development of the topic and its' relativesignificance and impact on the Cold War (These should be listed as subheadings)

  • A minimum of five resources for information (At least 3 electronic and 2 print sources)

  • A minimum of 5 quality images that relate to the topic uploaded to the website

  • Two of the following creative elements to create a sophisticated piece of media: a brief film clip (homemade or YouTube), a brief audio clip (homemade or YouTube), a musical selection; or one other pre-approved addition.

  • Careful editing for grammar, capitalization and spelling

  • An MLA formatted "Work Cited" section at the end of your page that provides the reader with resource information for books and links to the actual electronic research sites. As always, NO WIKIPEDIA!

  • This project is worth about 250pts (that is approximately two tests, a homework, and a quiz).



Possible Topics (If you have something else in mind let me know…)

  1. Personalities Clash
  2. Origins of the Cold War
  3. Sports/Olympics
  4. KGB
  5. Berlin Airlift/Berlin Wall
  6. US in the Middle East
  7. McCarthyism, Entertainment and the Red Menace
  8. Soviet Space Program
  9. Vietnam War: US Home Front
  10. NATO vs. Warsaw Pact
  11. Cuba
  12. US Race to the Moon
  13. Lavender Scare
  14. The Cold War and Daily Life (1945-1991)
  15. Vietnam War: Abroad—actual fighting etc.
  16. CIA
  17. Advancements in Weapons
  18. Cold War Science
  19. Daily life in American during the Cold War
  20. Korea
  21. US in Latin America
  22. Military Industrial Complex
  23. The End of the Cold War and Impact on U.S. and S.U.

  1. The Cold War @ The Movies (This is a really hard topic…but if you are up for a challenge go for it)
  2. Kennard’s Pick (when we start running low on topics)